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What difference have I made? What will my legacy be?

…140319518 RR0001.” To give a specific amount. Example: “I give the sum of $X to QWF-Fédération des écrivaines et écrivains du Québec/QWF-Quebec Writers’ Federation charitable number 140319518 RR0001.” To give…

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Five Questions for Tommy Schnurmacher

Bearded man wears a tilted hat and sunglasses
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This edition of the ‘Five Questions for…’ features QWF member Tommy Schnurmacher. Schnurmacher worked as a journalist and award-winning broadcaster and radio talk-show host. His new memoir is entitled Makeup…

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Introducing Marian Rebeiro

young woman looks over her shoulder into the light
Photo by Jessie Marchessault

…story elements, but the process is trying to tell us something new, from a perspective we might not have thought of originally, and I think that’s what great storytelling is

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Day’s Lee

Children’s & YA lit, Other

Day’s Lee is a freelance journalist as well as the author of short stories and the children’s picture book The Fragrant Garden (2005) which was named “Our Choice” by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre in 2007. Using an audio-visual presentation, Day’s delves into Canada’s head tax period and her parents’ immigration experience to discuss where she get ideas for stories, and shows the process of how a picture book is edited after it is accepted for publication.

Narrative Non-fiction: Creating Scenes

Terence Byrnes

*Adam may occasionally have to travel during this period, in which case Thursdays will be added at the end of the session.* This workshop is open to writers who have…

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