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Five Questions for Rana Bose

photo by Lisa Foster

…also White, African-Canadian, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and atheist. Aside from French and English, we spoke Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Chinese, Spanish, Persian, Tamil and several other languages. We were the original incubating…

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External Resources

…editing and distribution process, and to the credibility of your book. Some interesting further reading here: Editors Professional editors offer experience, expertise, and objectivity when reading…

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Poetry and Prose Writing From the Body-Mind

by Coral Feigin

writing in different formats, individually and in group compositions, building upon each others’ work and existing disability literature.  Each session will be two and a half hours, with activities for…

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The Lighter Side of Memoir Writing

…with respect; encouragement is essential during the first stages of a writing project, and our tentative efforts benefit from positive comments. Each participant may, if they wish, distribute to other workshop…

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