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The CBC/QWF Digital Writing Residency program has been replaced with “Indelible Ink.”

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Announcing the CBC/QWF featured columnists for 2022

CBC Quebec and the Quebec Writers’ Federation are pleased to announce our 2022 featured columnists. The CBC/QWF “Indelible Ink” initiative is an opportunity to give up-and-coming writers a voice on CBC’s website as well as to hear from a broad range of perspectives from new voices.

Applicants were asked to submit a 600-word non-fiction personal essay (in English) based on the theme of “Awakening.” a selection committee had the difficult task of narrowing it down to five winners.

Naomi Bénéteau Goldberg

Naomi Bénéteau Goldberg is a writer, an avid reader, a home chef, and a community worker. She holds a graduate diploma in journalism from Concordia University. She lives in Montreal. 

Read Naomi’s column “Everybody has a project

Dinu Mahapatuna

Dinu Mahapatuna is a first-year student studying English literature and creative writing at Concordia University. Her writing credits include being shortlisted for The Walrus‘s Youth Short Story Competition, The Malahat Review‘s Open Season Fiction Contest, and the QWF’s College Writers’ Award (always the bridesmaid, never the bride). You can find her previous literary publications in SPACE Magazine, The Plant Newspaper, and The Soliloquies Anthology, but you will likely not find her outside of school. 

Read Dinu’s column “Summer school in a care home

Sharen McDonald

Sharen McDonald’s life has always been linked to education and a love of words. She is a teacher, librarian, and public speaking/debating coach. Her writing ranges from non-fiction to poetry and includes “First Class: What They Don’t Teach You At McGill Education Faculty,” “A Gentleman and a Scholar,” “Leadership and Gender Parity: The Gold and Silver Shield,” “Frankly Scarlet,” and “Dream On.” Over seven decades, she has found laughter and kindness to be the best travel companions on the journey of a lifetime.

Read Sharen’s column “Awakening at sunset

Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien is a Montreal writer with a focus on philosophical, political, and ecological issues. His work has appeared at 3QuarksDaily.com and the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival. He is also an occasional educator, moderator, editor, photographer, and stage performer.

Read Mike’s column “How many more sleeps?

Magdalena Olszanowski

Magdalena Olszanowski is a Polish-born writer, artist, and educator in Montreal. She received her PhD in Communication Studies from Concordia University. Her work can be found in journals such as Feminist Media Studies, Visual Communication Quarterly, n+1, and nomorepotlucks.

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