CBC/QWF Digital Writing Residencies

The CBC/QWF Digital Writing Residency program has been replaced with “Indelible Ink.” The call for applications is now open and viewable here. The deadline is December 22, 2021.

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CBC Quebec and the Quebec Writers’ Federation are pleased to announce our 2021 writers-in-residence. This year, we have selected five writers. They are: Caroline Vu, Bronwyn Averett, Kasia van Schaik, Isobel Cunningham and Caitlin Stall-Paquet.

This year, we asked all applicants to submit a 600-word non-fiction personal essay based on the theme of “light and dark.” This theme inspired the winners in different ways.

Caroline Vu

Family physician and award-winning novelist Caroline Vu approached the theme from a personal angle. For Vu, storytelling happens every day as she “listens to patients rather than just treats their symptoms” and she wanted to show that in her story.

Caitlin Stall-Paquet

Writer and translator Caitlin Stall-Paquet, whose story touches on the light and dark of loss, said this story is more personal than some of her other recent writing. As someone who grew up in the Eastern Townships, Stall-Paquet is honoured to be recognized by the anglophone writing community in Montreal and is excited to work with an editor at CBC who has experience with personal stories.

Kasia van Schaik

The pandemic has an impact on the writers-in-residence in different ways. For McGill PhD candidate and creative writing teacher Kasia van Schaik, it has taught her to find beauty in the everyday, including the views from her window, which play a role in her story. 

Isobel Cunningham

Isobel Cunningham explored her decision to downsize and move during the pandemic in her story. Doing so was a way to explore the challenges she faces and the expectations she has for her move. Cunningham, who found her love of words in Wales where she was born, said it is especially meaningful to be recognized in this way in her longtime home of Montreal.

Bronwyn Averett

Bronwyn Averett, whose work appears at carte-blanche.org and The Temz Review, said “we’re living through such an extraordinary time.” Averett is originally from Atlanta and believes that the “thoughtful reflections this series has always cultivated are more important” this year maybe more than ever. 

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