Spoken Word Workshops

These workshops will be delivered online until further notice. If circumstances change and we are able to resume in-person sessions, each workshop can be rescheduled for a one-day session.

Spoken Ancestries

with Dona Nham

Spoken Ancestries is an online spoken word workshop that will take participants on an introspective journey of the Self. Where do we come from? Who do we come from? What is home? Our own personal histories and lineages will be the inspiration for building a deeper language to ourselves and relationship to our roots. Participants will be guided through a series of collective and individual activities that will investigate, explore, and celebrate the mysteries and truths that only they can tell. Elements of spoken word, performance, and play will be explored in the activities. No prior experience needed! Come prepared to be curious, to have fun, to write, to share, and to build a relationship to your story. At the end, you will leave with more creative tools and practice under your belt to share your own ancestral stories through spoken word.

Photo: Michael Kovacs

Xin chào! Dona Nham is a Vietnamese-Chinese femme born and raised in Treaty 6 (Edmonton) and has been living in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal) since 2009. She is a spoken-word artist, arts-based facilitator, community organizer and cultural worker. Her practice is inspired by regenerative patterns within nature, the exploration of her ancestry and liminality, stories of resilience and diaspora, and the expansive and evolving work of what it means to decolonize, to heal, to love, and to seek truth, even in the darkest of places.

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