In light of ever-evolving constraints due to COVID-19, QWF has implemented special submission processes for the QWF Awards this year. They are as follows:

The June 1 deadline is still in effect for submission forms and payments.

  • Forms for all submissions, regardless of publication or production date, must be mailed to QWF or emailed to Lori Schubert by June 1.
  • Payments for all submissions, regardless of publication or production date, must be sent by June 1 either by mailing in a cheque or via PayPal at this link: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/quebecwriters
  • All books must be submitted as PDFs this year.

Do not ship books to the QWF office. 

Please submit all books as pdfs or ePubs by email or WeTransfer. We may request physical copies at a later date.

The deadlines for sending bound galleys and books published between May 16 and September 30, 2020 remain as stated in the calls for submissions.

Special consideration for plays whose performances were cancelled due to COVID-19

We will accept plays that were scheduled for production during the eligibility period but were cancelled due to COVID-19 as long as the submitter provides a copy of the contract with the theatre company showing the original dates of the production.


Due to office closures, we are not currently able to receive physical copies of books or documents mailed to our office.

For all submissions, please send us the appropriate form (found on our website) and payment electronically, by the corresponding deadlines. 

To send in a book with your submission, we encourage you to send in an eBook for consideration. Please do not send physical copies until further notice.

All electronic submissions can be sent to Lori Schubert.

Updated: 13-Apr-2020