Thom, Blossom

Blossom Thom is a poet, writer, and editor. Her poetry explores the ways we negotiate the boundaries that we establish for ourselves or that others project onto us. Blossom’s poems document the disparity between these boundaries. She is the author of #HashtagRelief(Gaspereau Press, 2017), a poetry chapbook documenting violence against Black and Brown bodies. Each poem of this collection was inspired by a comment posted on a social media stream. Blossom’s poetry has also appeared in literary magazines and anthologies, including The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian PoetryWritings: The Anthology of Montreal Writers, and Kola Magazine: A Black Literary Magazine

Blossom trains her critical eye as poetry co-editor and diversity consultant for Jonah Magazine. She shares her love of poetry by designing and leading poetry workshops. 

Her writing workshops incorporate writing exercises and instruction on literary devices. Students will practise writing and generating ideas for texts that reflect their perspective of the world and of themselves. Blossom’s lecture-and-reading workshops incorporate a discussion of her writing and a discussion of the poets who have influenced her writing. Students may be asked to write a poem in the style of one of the poets discussed during the workshop.