Lori Schubert

Executive Director

Lori Schubert is the executive director of the Quebec Writers’ Federation, where she has worked since 2003. From 1998 to 2017 she was also a member and general manager of VivaVoce, a professional chamber choir. Prior to her work in arts management, Lori was a singer and corporate communications trainer in the New York metropolitan area, then taught written and oral communication at McGill and Concordia Universities. She was instrumental in the founding of the English-language Arts Network of Quebec, and is currently serving on its board for the second time. Lori also serves in an advisory capacity for YES Montreal, the Blue Metropolis Foundation and the Atwater Writers’ Exhibit, and is a co-leader for the Working Group on Arts, Culture, Heritage organized by the Montreal office of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Afreina Noor

Communications Officer

Afreina has fifteen years of diversified work experience across the non-profit, corporate, and electronic news sectors. In 2006 she co-founded the largest running network of non-profits in Pakistan and was an Election Observer for three critical elections in Pakistan, Nepal, and the USA. In 2012 she worked as an International Volunteer with vulnerable and orphan children in Botswana. She is Vice President of the Board of Directors for COCo,  a blogger for Vent Over Tea, and the host of a virtual talk show, "Conversations with Women Immigrants in Montreal." Afreina is a Fulbright scholar with a Master of Public Administration from UPenn.

Riley Palanca

Membership Services Coordinator

Riley Palanca is an arts organizer, theatre creator, and spoken word artist based in Montreal. A lover of books since childhood, Riley has been involved with several artists' collectives across Canada. As an emerging writer, they have contributed to several publications, performed in open mics, and self-published a novel. Riley is passionate about helping young and marginalized writers in Quebec develop their voices.