The Max Margles Fiction Prize

June Park is the Max Margles Fiction Prize winner for 2022.

June is a writer, editor, arts consultant and cultural connector. She was born in Korea and has lived across Canada from Vancouver to Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal where she is currently based. She studied literature at the University of Calgary (BA) and the University of Toronto (MA).

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About the Prize

Max Margles loved to read. He was an in-depth reader of fiction, seeking out well-written and engrossing books, relevant and meaningful. He kept two Rolodex files – one arranged by author, the other arranged by title. On these small cards, in his meticulous printing (he was a structural engineer), he summarized the nature of the book and its plot and provided his eloquent assessment of the work.

When Max died suddenly in 2004, his widow Roslyn looked for projects to endow in Max’s memory. Since the couple had no children, Roslyn carries on this mandate with vigour and pride. She established the Max Margles Endowment Fund at the Jewish Public Library in Montreal to sponsor an annual lecture by outstanding literary authors. Recent guests have included Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie, and Ian McEwan.

Roslyn has twice approached the Quebec Writers’ Federation to find out how she might support English-language literature in Quebec. In 2020, she funded the Max Margles Writing Residency in Dublin, Ireland, a city rich with literary history. Due to the Covid-10 pandemic, the inaugural residency, which was to have taken place in August 2020, is still unrealized. The winner, Tracey Waddleton, along with QWF and Roslyn, is patiently awaiting the time we can reschedule it.

In 2022, thanks to Roslyn’s unflagging generosity, we are launching The Max Margles Fiction Prize to allow a writer to work uninterruptedly on a manuscript for four months. This is the largest such prize to be awarded by any Canadian provincial writers’ organization.

These projects will keep Max’s memory alive and provide opportunities for talented Quebec writers to devote meaningful time to contemplation and creation, and will, together, support significant new contributions to English-language culture in Quebec.


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