Job opportunities

Visit this page to find calls for applications for staff positions and part-time contract work.

QWF is currently seeking a Communications Assistant for the summer. Applications close on May 14. Read the Call for Applications.

Workshop Leaders – Applications accepted year-round; the workshop committee meets in early summer to review the applications and plan the subsequent calendar year’s activities. Download application form to propose workshops for 2020. Deadline for consideration is June 12, 2019.

Mentors – A call for applications for mentors goes out each September, with a mid-November deadline. Applicants must be available to work with their “mentee” from February 1 to early June of the following year.

Writers in the Community facilitators – Calls for Writer-Facilitators are circulated on an as-needed basis.

CBC-QWF Writer in Residence – A call for applications is announced in September each year, with a mid-October deadline. Applicants must be in Montreal for most of the residency period, from January to May of the following year.