Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Date: 4 July, 2019

Event Category: Book launch , Events

Website: https://allevents.in/mobile/amp-event.php?event_id=200017449748257

Location: Librairie Drawn and Quarterly—211 Bernard Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Qc View map

Join us as Adrian McKerracher launches What It Means to Write: Creativity and Metaphor

A book launch to celebrate an adventure 7 years in the making, from Vancouver to Havana to Buenos Aires, asking, “What does it mean to be creative?”

About the book:
At a time when people must work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd, the word creativity can seem vague and overused. But what exactly is creativity?

Adrian McKerracher travels from Vancouver to Havana to Buenos Aires, leading readers on a journey to discover poignant new insights into a life of letters. Through encounters with artists of all kinds, famous or obscure, McKerracher traces a socio-cultural history of the meaning of writing, each vignette a meditation on the way that metaphor limits and liberates understanding: creativity is a process, a possession, a relation, an algorithm, a game, and more. But What It Means to Write is far more than an archive of the figurative. Along the way, a labyrinth of chance reunites McKerracher with old friends, threatens him with violence, and invites him to remain forever in a place both real and imagined. His journey from cafés to libraries to late-night living rooms embodies the structure of a bold new methodology for interpreting creativity, demonstrating the tools for working productively with ambiguity and rebuilding meaning, one metaphor at a time.

Told in character-driven narrative pulses that reflect on the nature of belonging, understanding, and loving, What It Means to Write is a celebration of the possibilities of both language and silence.