Time: 17:00 - 18:00

Duration: 14 May - 7 March, 2019

Event Category: Workshops

Website: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vfrpajZ5SouT0KcAMvKKUw

Organizer: Infinithéâtre, 514.987.1774, info@infinitheatre.com, http://www.infinitheatre.com/

Infinithéâtre invites members of the public across Canada to participate in the development of a series of exciting new plays. Once a week, a work-in-progress will be released on-line in read-only digital format. Our playwrights are looking for your help to write the next draft of their play. You’ll have ten days to read, prepare comments, questions, suggestions and e-mail them back to Infinithéâtre.

This is a genuine dramaturgical process. A live Zoom on-line chat session with the playwright and moderator will take up your suggestions, address questions and provide the writer with fresh inspiration for the new draft.

Paul Van Dyck will kick off with King of Canada on May 14. After that, The Infinite Playwrights’ Chat Room will happen every Thursday at 5PM. Oren Safdie is due up May 21st with Imminent Domain. Other writers to follow: Marianne Ackerman; Alexandria Haber and Ned Cox; David Sherman; and Alice Abracen.

All Chat Rooms will be streamed live on Zoom and Facebook. Visit www.infinitheatre.com for direct links.

For more details, or if you would like to read this week’s play and audit the chat room, please e-mail: ATD@indinitheatre.com