QWF Membership Renewal Fee 2023: Pay-What-You-Can

Posted on: 7 February, 2021

Category: QWF News

The QWF Board continues to acknowledge that many of our members are living on reduced resources and may not be in a position to pay their membership dues. You may renew your membership by paying what you can, from $0 to the full $60 through 2023. 

Our website will not accept miscellaneous payment amounts, so to renew your membership by paying anything less than the full amount, please follow these steps: 

  1. Visit the membership renewal page, choose your type of membership (General, Professional, or Student), and follow the prompts to complete the renewal form
  2. On the “Checkout” page, please make sure to:
    • add a note indicating how much you intend to pay (there is a text field for Notes at the top right of the form)
    • select the “Cheque payment” option at the bottom of the page
  3. Either mail your cheque to the office at the address below, or make a payment directly through our PayPal portal.
    • please add a note to your PayPal payment indicating that it is intended for your QWF Membership.
  4. Send an email to our Membership Coordinator, Riley Palanca letting them know that you are renewing your membership with Pay-What-You-Can as well as how much you will be sending in.