Mapa, Lorina

Lorina Mapa is the author and artist of Duran Duran, Imelda Marcos and Me, a graphic memoir about growing up in the Philippines during the 1980s. It was nominated by the American Library Association as a Great Graphic Novel for Teens and for the Joe Schuster Comics Award. Lorina uses audiovisual presentation to speak about her book, which begins when a phone call brings news of her father’s death. Her trip to Manila for his funeral sets off a powerful string of memories, from her carefree childhood and 1980s pop culture obsessions to her teen years, when a People Power Revolution overthrew a dictatorship regime.

Lorina also offers workshops on sequential art and visual storytelling and wants to spark in students the awareness that they can tell their own stories using the medium of comics. She has been invited to speak and give workshops at several cultural events in cities such as Bangkok, Toronto, Quebec City and Stratford, ON.