Moser, Elise

Elise Moser has published short stories in several genres, an adult novel and a YA novel. She’s edited anthologies and led writing workshops. She can read from her work and discuss various themes and content depending on the needs of the class, discuss becoming a writer, or work with the teacher to design activities around a subject of interest, class-related or other. For example, her YA novel Lily and Taylordiscusses dating violence; the story “Sand Hill” is about a girl who becomes a crane. Issues to be considered could include genre, appropriation of voice, originality, the urban environment as setting, or how different points of view can help us think critically and compassionately about ideas such as gender, sexuality, animal-human relations, family life. She can lead exercises to get kids writing, workshop students’ writing with them in a group, or discuss their writing with them in individual meetings.