Ravel, Edeet

Edeet Ravel has written over ten award-winning novels for adults, children and young adults. Her books have been translated into several languages and her YA novel The Saver was adapted for the screen. Her most recent book, A Boy Is Not a Bird, is based on the childhood experiences of her grade-five teacher, who was exiled to Siberia with his mother during World War II. Edeet (pronounced ee-DEET, rhymes with ‘be street’) would be very happy to answer questions from students about all and any aspect of writing and publishing prose fiction, including process, genres (memoir, graphic novels, fantasy, etc), producing one’s own books, online scams, contest scams, writing blocks, research, choosing settings and subjects, copyright, posting writing online, dreams of making millions, editing one’s own work, using a pen name, writing for self vs writing to be read, writing for children, writing for young adults.