Andrews, Richard

From piranha fishing on the Amazon and tracking down war criminals in Beijing, to the boardrooms of Fortune 100 companies and the coral reefs of Fiji, Richard Andrews has more than 30 years’ experience in journalism, public relations and freelance writing. He has trained media professionals, not-for-profit groups, business executives and UN representatives in Australia, Canada, China, and the Pacific. An award-winning editor, he writes for newspapers, travel magazines, foundations, banks, industry groups, and IT companies on three continents. He has also taught CEGEP English and lectures at McGill University.

Richard offers a practical workshop that introduces the pitching, writing, and editing techniques required by mainstream print and online media. Workshop exercises will include the following topics:

  • Choosing the right subject at the right time
  • Simple, strong and succinct writing
  • Writing catchy headings and leads
  • asic storytelling structures
  • Show don’t tell – writing for the senses
  • Pitching stories

Using samples, the workshop will guide and encourage participants to write and submit a story based on an interview with an adventurous, enterprising and resourceful Canadian.