Todd, Jack

Jack Todd is best known as a sports columnist for The Gazette and a former city columnist for that newspaper, but he has also written a prize-winning memoir called The Taste of Metal and a trilogy of novels set in the U.S. and published by Simon & Schuster in New York.

As a reporter and columnist, Todd has covered everything from the Mohawk Crisis to the tragic massacre at the Polytechnique along with seven Olympic Games, two World Cups, and a World Series.

Todd also has wide experience as a reporter and feature writer for the Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, Akron Beacon-Journal and Vancouver Sun. He is most comfortable in an informal situation, answering questions and stimulating students to discuss writing in every form. He will offer brief readings from his work and the work of others to illustrate a point, but he is happiest with a casual back-and-forth on writing with students and their teachers.

Todd has led fiction and nonfiction workshops for the QWF. He offers a straightforward writing workshop called “Just Tell the Damned Story,” intended to get writers going with a narrative in the simplest and most direct fashion, without getting too caught up in technique and jargon.

And yes, he will answer questions about the Canadiens when asked.