Victor, Ken

Ken Victor is a poet and writer whose debut poetry collection, We Were Like Everyone Else, explores the humanity of family, the folly of our politics and a natural world that seems to offer the promise of consolation but never quite does. The Montreal Review of Books wrote that his poetry “does not shirk from ugly realities, but rather exposes them with grace and intelligence.” He has received a National Magazine Award for his poetry and been published extensively in both Canadian and American journals. His prose writing, focused on looking at Canada through the eyes of an ex-pat American, has appeared in newspapers across Canada and been included in several anthologies.

Ken has a graduate degree in Creative Writing from Syracuse University, where he taught for six years including everything from freshman comp to the advanced essay to the literature of wilderness. His experience also includes teaching writing in a maximum-security prison for five years. Ken has a particular interest in helping young writers examine what’s at stake in their writing, as well as exploring how to best use a community of writers for developing their craft. He has a bias for pedagogical practices that reduce his time as “the sage on the stage” and that maximize peer interaction.