The 2019 CBC/QWF Writer in Residence Emira Tufo

Emira Tufo is the 2019 CBC/Quebec Writers’ Federation writer-in-residence. A lawyer and a writer, Tufo has written for The Globe and Mail, performed at Montreal’s Confabulation, and is the co-author of Montreal Murmurs, a blog about the curious, the funny and the furious aspects of life in Canada’s most mischievous city. She has been featured on CBC’s Homerun and All in a Weekend. (via

Blog posts

Sale away with me

At the sidewalk sale, every merchant becomes a hawker under open skies

Thoughtful Little Things

A little bit of Montreal magic goes a long way in combating the chilly springtime weather

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not Montrealers

CBC/QWF writer-in-residence Emira Tufo meets the yellow-eyed wolf who serenades Metro commuters

O Come, All Ye (un)Faithful

The votive candles burn on in secular Quebec

C'est ma vie, Verdun

Emira Tufo describes Verdun as being 'a divided land,' but has been seduced by its peculiar charms


All in a Weekend with Sonali Karnick

Emira Tufo laments on her time as writer-in-residence as it comes to a close and her latest piece that delves into the summer tradition of the sidewalk sale in Montreal.

All in a Weekend with Duke Eatmon

Guest host Duke Eatmon speaks to CBC writer-in-residence Emira Tufo about her love for and her adventures in the town of Verdun.

Meet Emira Tufo, CBC/QWF's new writer-in-residence

A lawyer and a writer, Tufo has been 'deeply in love' with Montreal ever since she moved here 10 years ago