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Time: 14:00 - 16:00 on 16 October, 2021

Duration: events, 1 January - 1 January, 1970

Event Category: QWF Workshops , Workshops

Location: Online via Zoom

Organizer: QWF

You’ve written your book! Now what? 


Have you been procrastinating about taking the next step toward publishing your book? Are you unsure about the benefits of self-publishing versus traditional publishing? Have you watched numerous YouTube videos on self-publishing only to be left confused about how to do it? 


This workshop will provide you with comprehensive material that you can use to guide you through the process of becoming a self-published author.


The Self-Publishing Blueprint is a two-part workshop that discusses and explains topics such as

  • Self- vs traditional vs hybrid publishing;
  • The 5 major self-publishing platforms;
  • How to upload your book to a self-publishing platform;
  • The importance of understanding your goals and how they affect your marketing and branding as an author;
  • The many jobs of a self-publisher;
  • Why royalty percentages matter;
  • How to create an effective budget as a self-publisher.

Five reasons why this workshop might be just what you need:


  • You’ll save time.

Having the right information will help you to publish your book the right way on the right platform without spending countless hours doing research. I have done that! Let me help you!

  • You’ll get a step-by-step guide and see a live upload.

In addition to showing you the steps to successful self-publishing, I’ll do a live demonstration of the uploading process to two of the major self-publishing platforms.

  • You’ll learn to avoid unnecessary hassles and expenses.

I’ll help you organize a budget and provide useful resources and links that will help you to allocate your money intelligently.

  • You’ll get straight, to-the-point information.

No gimmicks, no tricks, no long-winded wind-up only to say join the masterclass for more. This is an honest self-publisher giving an honest insight to the self-publishing process. I have been there and done that!

  • It’s a small step on the way to the giant leap of maintaining creative control.

The best thing about learning how to self-publish successfully is the beauty of being able to maintain creative control over your work. I experience this every time I publish a book on my own and you can too!

Before the first session, please complete the Author’s Goals Self-Reflective activity which you’ll receive shortly after registering.


Latoya Belfon is a three-time Amazon best-selling author in Children’s Books and Journals, a McGill graduate, and a teacher with the English Montreal School Board. She is a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and in 2021 received a Women of Merit Award from the Playmas Montreal Cultural Association for  Black Excellence and Community Development. 


Latoya has written, illustrated, and self-published 13 books.


As CEO of Labworks Publishing Inc., Latoya is working with several authors to realize their publishing dreams, Her first published author, Oluwanifemi, is now an Amazon best-selling author in the Consumer Guides and Skincare categories. 


“But without honesty and the willingness to bare one’s soul, we cannot truly harness the power of narration.”

Latoya Belfon






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