Equal Opportunity Policy

QWF actively seeks to maximize diversity in its staff, part-time employees, membership, and board of directors. We welcome applications from all qualified individuals, and encourage Indigenous people, people of colour, LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming people, people with disabilities, women, and members of any other marginalized group to self‐identify if they are comfortable doing so.


For more information on the thinking behind our equal opportunity policy, please consult the following resources:

  • The ELAN Inclusion Plan (PDF, May 2019)
    • The ELAN Inclusion Plan was developed by ELAN over five years with the help of a grant from the Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM). We are grateful for ELAN’s leadership in highlighting and combating discrimination in the arts.
    • See also the ELAN Inclusion webpage
  • The Act Respecting Equal Access to Employment in Public Bodies (Government of Quebec)
    • The Act establishes a special framework to redress discrimination in employment and provide equal access to public employment opportunities to four discriminated groups: women, people with disabilities, people of colour (“visible minorities”), and people whose first language is neither English nor French.
    • While QWF is not regulated by the Act as we are not a public government body with over 100 employees, our Equal Opportunity Policy is designed to acknowledge and comply with the spirit of this law.