QWF Conflict Resolution Process

The QWF has a process in place for any writer who feels personally attacked or unsafe in a workshop because of responses offered to their writing submission, or because of harassment of any kind in the context of the workshop or mentorship.

Step 1

If the source of the discomfort is another workshop participant, bring the matter to the workshop leader’s attention without delay, either by email/phone or in person. If the source of discomfort is the workshop leader or other employee of QWF, please contact the executive director or president of the board directly.

Step 2

If the workshop leader cannot resolve the issue, the writer, the workshop leader, or both together, should bring the matter to the executive director or president of QWF, either in person or by contacting us.

Step 3

If a participant lodges a complaint with the QWF about a workshop leader, that writer will be asked to furnish QWF with all written communications (e.g., emails) with the workshop leader in question. The workshop leader will be asked to send their side of email communications with the complainant to the QWF.

Regardless of whether it is the workshop leader, the executive director or the QWF board president that is the endpoint of the investigation and decision, the writer bringing the complaint is entitled to a written statement of the findings and the decision made as to how to proceed.

In addition, workshop leaders against whom a complaint has been lodged are entitled to the following information:

  1. What the complaint is, in a statement formulated clearly in writing by the complainant;
  2. What steps are being taken to address the issue within QWF;
  3. Who is involved in reviewing the case;
  4. Exactly what outcome the complainant wishes from workshop leader;
  5. Exactly what outcome QWF wishes from workshop leader.

In all cases, end-of-term workshop evaluations written by workshop participants and handed in to the QWF must be made available to the workshop leader.

Note that while QWF can ask workshop leaders we employ to take specific steps to resolve problems, we are not in a position to act as a mediator between workshop participants. In extreme cases, however, we reserve the right to refund payment and terminate a participant’s enrolment in a workshop.