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Joshua Levy  writes non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, tells stories on radio, podcasts, and stage, and teaches creative writing. Levy’s work has been published by the Oxford University Press, Vehicle Press, and in numerous Canadian and international literary magazines. He is a winner of the Carte Blanche/CNFC Creative Nonfiction Prize, SLS Fiction Prize, and CBC/QWF Writing Competition, and has been shortlisted or longlisted for other literary awards, including the CBC Nonfiction Prize, Chester B. Himes Memorial Fiction Contest, Vallum Poetry Chapbook Competition, and Montreal International Poetry Prize. Levy lives in Montreal and is currently working on a book inspired by his articles as the 2018 CBC/QWF Writer-in-Residence.

Blog posts

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Streets swollen with cars, sidewalks crowded with people — every one a stranger with a story to tell

Joshua Levy remembers the heyday of Côte Saint-Luc's Cavendish Mall

The beating heart of the neighbourhood in 1980s and 90s, today Quartier Cavendish attracts a whole new crowd

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'Start throwing out all your crap-ola,' ordered our CBC/QWF writer-in-residence's mom. A hurricane ensued

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Joshua Levy explores the connections between our past, present and future with his ingenious time machine

What is your Montreal DNA?

After getting his genetic test results, Joshua Levy concludes blood and saliva don't tell the whole story


CBC All in a Weekend: “2018 Writer-in-Residence Retrospective.

Joshua Levy, CBC Montreal writer-in-residence, tells us why he focused on the little things for his last love letter to the city.

CBC All in a Weekend: “The Cavendish Mall.”

Josh Levy grew up in Côte-Saint-Luc and says Cavendish Mall is home to many of his childhood memories - including a dramatic mugging!

CBC All in a Weekend: “The Museum of my Childhood” interview

The latest piece by our CBC Montreal & Quebec Writers' Federation writer-in-residence looks at clearing out his childhood home.

CBC All in a Weekend: “Joshua Levy builds a time machine.”

Our CBC Montreal/Quebec Writers' Federation writer in residence casts his mind back in time, using old photos of Montreal.

CBC All in a Weekend: “My Montreal DNA” interview

CBC Montreal's writer in residence tells us how the city has shaped his identity

CBC Homerun: “2018 Writer-in-Residence interview”

It was an honour to be interviewed on CBC Radio's Homerun.