1988 Awards Gala

Award winners

The A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry

then known as Poetry Prize


Modern Marriage (Véhicule Press) by  David Solway


How To (The Muses Co.) by  Endre Farkas
Winter Prophecies (McClelland & Stewart) by  Ralph Gustafson
Furious (Anansi) by  Erín Moure
Becoming Light (Cormorant Books) by  Robyn Sarah

The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction

then known as Non-fiction Prize


The Life and Work of Alexander Bercovitch, Artist (Marlowe Editions) by  Robert Adams
Hypnosis, Will and Memory (The Guilford Press) by  Jean-Roch Laurence and Campbell Perry
Condition Critical (MacMillan) by  Nicholas Regush

The Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction

then known as Fiction prize



The Dreams of Zoo Animals (Nuage) by  Valmai Howe
Buried on Sunday (McClelland & Stewart) by  Edward Phillips
Century (Stoddart) by  Ray Smith
Heroine (Coach House) by  Gail Scott