2000s Awards Gala

Award winners

Le Prix de traduction de la Fondation Cole / The Cole Foundation Prize for Translation


Nikolski (Knopf Canada) by  Lazer Lederhendler
Translation of
Nikolski (Éditions Alto) by  Nicolas Dickner
The Heart is an Involuntary Muscle (Douglas & McIntyre) by  David Homel and Fred Reed
Translation of
Le Coeur est un muscle involuntaire by  Monique Proulx
Big Bang (Les Allusifs) by  Lori Saint-Martin et Paul Gagné
Translation of
Bang Crunch (Knopf Canada) by  Neil Smith
Montréal barbare (Les Éditions des Intouchables) by  Claire Dé
Translation of
City of Forgetting (Mercury Press) by  Robert Majzels
The Great Peace of Montreal of 1701: French-Native Diplomacy in the Seventeenth Century (McGill-Queen's University Press) by  Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott
Translation of
La Grand Paix de Montréal de 1701: les voies de la diplomatie franco-amérindienne (Recherches amérindiennes au Québec) by  Gilles Havard
The Immaculate Conception (House of Anansi Press) by  Lazer Lederhendler
Translation of
L'immaculée conception (Éditions du Boréal) by  Gaétan Soucy
La Clameur des Ténèbres (Éditions du Boréal) by  Lori Saint-Martin et Paul Gagné
Translation of
The Unyielding Clamour of the Night (Cormorant Books) by  Neil Bissoondath
Dans l’ombre de Maggie (Les Éditions Libre Expression) by  Pan Bouyoucas
Translation of
Jackrabbit Moon by  Sheila Arnopoulos
Truth or Death: The Quest for Immortality in the Western Narrative Tradition (Talonbooks) by  Fred A. Reed
Translation of
Raconter et mourir (Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal) by  Thierry Hentsch
Un baume pour le coeur (Éditions du Boréal) by  Lori Saint-Martin and Paul Gagné
Translation of
Doing the Heart Good (Simon & Schuster) by  Neil Bissoondath

The A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry


This Way Out (Gaspereau Press) by  Carmine Starnino
Sympathy for the Couriers (Véhicule Press) by  Peter Richardson
O Cadoiro (House of Anansi Press) by  Erín Moure
I, Nadja, and Other Poems (Brick Books) by  Susan Elmslie
Little Theatres (House of Anansi Press) by  Erín Moure
Giving My Body to Science (McGill-Queen’s University Press) by  Rachel Rose
Girls and Handsome Dogs (The Porcupine's Quill) by  Norm Sibum
Volta (Signature Editions) by  Susan Gillis
The Beauty of the Husband (Alfred A. Knopf) by  Anne Carson

The Concordia University First Book Prize

The Janet Savage Blachford Prize for Children's and Young Adult Literature


Orphan Ahwak (Orca Book Publishers) by  Raquel Rivera
What World is Left (Orca Book Publishers) by  Monique Polak

The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction


The Story of French (Knopf Canada) by  Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau
The Cello Suites (House of Anansi Press) by  Eric Siblin
Shoshana’s Story (McClelland & Stewart) by  Elaine Kalman Naves
The Rescue of Jerusalem (Doubleday Canada) by  Henry Aubin
Translating Montreal: Episodes in the Life of a Divided City (McGill-Queen's University Press) by  Sherry Simon
Survival: A Refugee Life (Key Porter Books) by  Fred Bruemmer

The Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction


Lullabies for Little Criminals (HarperCollins Publishers) by  Heather O'Neill
Life of Pi (Knopf Canada) by  Yann Martel
Cockroach (House of Anansi Press) by  Rawi Hage
The Devil Out There (Knopf Canada) by  Julie Keith
Doing the Heart Good (Cormorant Books) by  Neil Bissoondath
Fall (Hamish Hamilton Canada (Penguin Group Canada)) by  Colin McAdam
Look for Me (Random House Canada) by  Edeet Ravel
The Speaking Cure (Douglas & McIntyre) by  David Homel
De Niro’s Game (House of Anansi Press) by  Rawi Hage

Judy Mappin Community Award


André Vanasse for the inclusiveness and power of his vision of Quebec literature
Julie Keith for her good judgment, graciousness, and unwavering commitment to advancing the cause of English-language literature in Quebec
Guy Rodgers for his role in the founding and flourishing of many major arts organizations, including the Federation of English-language Writers of Quebec, the Quebec Drama Federation, the Quebec Writers' Federation, and the English-Language Arts Network
Margaret Goldik & Ian McGillis for the professionalism and judgment they brought to their work as co-editors of the Montreal Review of Books
Linda Leith for her work as the Founder and Artistic Director of the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival and as a teacher, author, literary translator, editor, and community activist
Linda Shohet for her work as the Director of The Centre of Literacy of Quebec
Germain Lefebvre for his work as Cultural Advisor of CACUM: Conseil des Arts de la CUM
Patricia Pleszcynska for her work at CBC Radio
Luci and Adrian King-Edwards for their work at The Word bookstore, Montreal
Mary Soderstrom for her indefatigable service to the writing community as an organizer, writer, and advocate

carte blanche Prize


Changing Winter Tires (Issue 9) by  Julie Mahfood
Wyoming is Haunted by  J.R. Carpenter