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QWF’s Writers in the Community program pairs small groups of young people with a professional writer or literary performance artist who can teach them and, more important, motivate them, to use language to express themselves in productive ways. In each project, a writer-facilitator works with a small group for 10 weeks, teaching them language tools, giving them writing prompts, and ultimately, boosting their self-confidence by showing them that they are capable of producing literary work of value.

Recent projects

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Meet the writer-facilitators

Domenica Martinello

Domenica Martinello headshot

Domenica Martinello is a writer and educator. She was a finalist for the 2017 Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers and the winner of the carte blanche 3Macs award for a genre-bending piece of literary criticism on Elena Ferrante. Recent poems, reviews, and essays have appeared in Poetry Northwest, The Globe & Mail, Vallum, carte blanche, Lemon Hound, PRISM International, and elsewhere. Born and raised in Montreal, Martinello holds an MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and her debut collection All Day I Dream About Sirens is forthcoming from Coach House Books in Spring 2019.

I can’t imagine a greater example of success than when during our launch one student, almost thinking aloud, asked me how he could continue to write and publish his work while he was in trade school next year. He is interested in writing and wants to continue to pursue it; he clearly is benefitting and getting the most out of these workshops. He even read a poem in front of the school during their annual Christmas party. If a student makes the choice to continue his education that is success.


Program sponsors

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