Pyramid Campaign

The 2022 Writers in the Community Pyramid Campaign is On!

Remember the hunting
Know a friend
Remember the lake the fish and seal
All is love

Remember your pack of wolves
To give you food
Remember the speed
Listen to their howl

Remember home
Remember your family
Remember you are Inuk
Participant in Writers in the Community, Fall 2021

We had ambitious plans for our Writers in the Community program in 2021. Even though several of our partners had to cancel their sessions due to Zoom overload, those projects that went ahead were clearly rewarding for the participants.

We completed 11 projects, each involving 10 weekly sessions. All of the spring workshops were online, but by the fall we were able to go into the venues, and only one of the projects had to run virtually. In all, we reached 104 young people, most of whom were hungry for a new and exciting activity. The work they produced was stellar, and, in an exciting development, one enterprising facilitator was able to obtain a fabulous blurb from Inuk artist Tanya Tagaq for the zine her group of girls prepared!

Many of the young writers we work with have been detained under the Youth Protection Act or the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Others are single teenage mothers without strong support from their families. There are kids with learning disabilities who haven’t flourished in regular schools, and youngsters with psychiatric disorders who can’t live at home on a regular basis. The workshops that our writers design give them an opportunity for self-expression and confidence-building while improving the literacy skills so essential for success in life.

Just wanted to say I worked last night and all the girls expressed how much they are enjoying the program! They spent quite a bit of time teaching me “blackout poetry.” Great job and a huge THANK YOU!

– Program manager of one of the Montreal group homes

I don’t know exactly what it is about the “collective writing” exercise that we did together, but it seems to magically tap into some sort of deep universal wellspring (as these were some of the most powerful lines of poetry that I’ve ever read).

– Emily Tristan Jones, WIC Writer/Facilitator, 2021

Almost none of our partners are able to make a financial contribution to the program. We raise most of the money we need from foundations and public funders, but it’s not enough. Fortunately, the QWF community has been extraordinarily generous since we launched our first Pyramid campaign in 2011; each year our members have contributed a significant proportion of the funds that help us to finance the Writers in the Community workshops. Last year, in spite of the pandemic and with the special help of a family foundation that requested anonymity, we raised over $20,000. That will remain our goal for 2022.

Here’s one way we can do it: 

  • 40 “I want to help” donations of $30
  • 52 “I’m doing okay!” donations of $50
  • 42 “I make a living as a writer!” donations of $100
  • 20 “I have a grown-up job!” donations of $500
  • 2 “Angel” donations of $1000

So… where do you fit in?

Two ways to give

To make an online donation, click here. Please be sure to choose “Writers in the Community Program” from the drop-down menu. You’ll get a tax receipt directly from CanadaHelps (but they’ll take a small percentage).

If you want QWF to get every cent of your contribution, you can mail us a cheque made out to “QWF” with WIC 2022 written on the memo line. Be sure to include your email address so we can send you your tax receipt.

You can also consider pledging a fixed monthly amount for four months (or longer!)—the online CanadaHelps tool makes that easy, or you can mail in postdated cheques to QWF in one letter.

Whichever way you donate, do let us know how you’d like your name to appear when we acknowledge your gift.

The campaign begins immediately and closes on April 15, 2022.

The Writers in the Community program has a powerful impact on young lives. Please join us and help make a difference in the lives of kids from our community. 

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Our goal in 2022: $20,000

  2022 Campaign Goal: $20,000  ||   Raised: $21,666.56  ||    

Up to $1,000

Byron Rempel • Susan Doherty • Robert Graham • John Blachford (over $1000) • The Phyllis Lambert Foundation (over $1000)

Up to $500

Kenneth Radu • Susi and Mark Lovell • Afreena Noor (In Honour of meri pyari Ammie) • H. Nigel Thomas • Mark Foss • Monique Polak • Kate Henderson • Linda Shohet • Raquel Rivera • Deb Vanslet • sina queyras • Gabriel Safdie • Peter Casey • arden Ford • Cora Sire • Constance Barnes Rose • Dorothy Williams • Paul Gagné et Lori Saint-Martin • Peter Kirby • Patrick Coleman • Michael Carin (In Memory of Eric Hamovitch) • sherry simon • Ronald Gallant • Julie Keith • Sarah Haggard • Joseph-Anthony Di Lillo • Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt • Lori Schubert • Jennifer DeLeskie • Julius Grey • Anonymous (In Memory of Jessie and Anthony Morra)

Up to $100

Neil Smith • Gina Roitman (In Memory of Joel Yanofsky) • Bryan Demchinsky • Caroline Vu-Nguyen • Matthew Anderson • Alison Newall • Janette Jorgensen • Dany Gagnon • Christopher DiRaddo • Elaine Kalman Naves • Peter Turner • Lise Weil • Alice and Robert • Gregory Santos • ML Designs, Inc • Don Macdonald • Arjun Basu • Marc T. Boucher • Howard Scott • Louise Abbott • Jim Olwell • Claire Holden Rothman • Elise Moser • Robert Schwartwald • Maya Khankhoje • Kathleen Winter • Jason Camlot • Anonymous

Up to $50

Deanna Radford • Robert Sandiford • Susan Sokol • Robyn Sarah • Mark Paterson • Marilyn H Cooperman • Jonathan Kaplansky • Denis Coupal • Leila Marshy • Shaun Fawcett • Ami Sands Brodoff • Rebecca Morris • Jacob Potashnik (In Memory of Paula Lerner) • Mark Abley • Tanya Evanson • Stephen Orlov (In Memory of Joel Yanofsky) • Dani Jansen • Maureen Marovitch • Abbas Mehrabian • Lesley Pasquin • Cynthia Gates • Sarah Wolfson • Eve Krakow • Rebecca West • Sharen McDonald • Catherine Austen • Lori Weber • Tiffany Crotogino • Elisa Montecalvo • Irene Saharov • Kimberley Stephenson • B.A. Markus • Merrily Weisbord • Katia Grubisic • Doug Harris • Liliane Aberman • Muriel Gold • Connie Guzzo-McParland • Anonymous

Up to $30

Gerald Wexler • Leena Sandblom • Rachel McCrum • liz ulin • Madeleine Pelletier • Karen Connors • Susan McIntosh • Richard Andrews • Oana Avasilichioaei • Sharon Callaghan • Anonymous