As We See It

Project venue

  • La Tuque High School

Project facilitators

  • Moe Clark
  • Greg Santos

Project authors

  • Laurence
  • Malik
  • Mathieu
  • Andy
  • Julia
  • Corallie
  • Marie-Pierre
  • Noémie
  • Nicolas
  • Jason
  • Gabriel
  • James
  • Alexis
  • Molly
  • Noah

~ I liked being able to express myself and have no limits about my writing. ~ i liked the different ways to write and, best of all, Freedom to write about whatever we want ~ I found out that I had better vocabulary and that I loved writing more than I already did. ~ It gave me a better understanding of how to write good, structured pieces. ~ I didn’t know that I liked Poetry ~ I read in front of more people and I am less shy than I was. ~ It made me realize that I had an interest in writing. ~ It was interesting, and I discovered a bigger passion for talking/writing. It’ll help me for my future radio host career.



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