Bring Me The Horizon

Project venue

  • Perspectives I

Project facilitator

  • Larissa Andrusyshyn

Project authors

  • Alex R
  • Antonio
  • Alex T
  • John
  • Steve
  • Shane
  • Amanda
  • Kelly
  • Anthony
  • Emily
  • Marc
  • Roman
  • Jennifer
  • Veronica
  • Joey
  • FZ
  • Amy
  • FZ
  • VC

~ I liked that there was a variety of different forms of poems we wrote. ~ I liked that we put our ideals together ~ I liked that I could express myself without judgement ~ I feel it made me do a step back in writing and see what I can do in writing. ~ I uncovered that it’s very hard to express my feelings. ~ I liked it a lot hope to do it again.



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