Dreams Broken or Otherwise

Project venue

  • Dawson Alternative School

Project facilitator

  • Jacqueline Wall

Project authors

  • Alessandro
  • Amdreya
  • Cassandra
  • Calvin
  • Devon
  • Dounya
  • Jessie
  • Kalyssa
  • Kathrine
  • Leah
  • Raven
  • Shaianne
  • Sophia
  • Tanina
  • Trevor

– You are a big inspiration to me. I learned alot. It was so much fun. I hope to do it again soon with you. I am going to miss you.

– Thanks for coming here to teach us about poetry. It was nice meeting you.

– Thank you for sharing your time with us. You’re awesome and an awesome teacher and you’re super inspirational.

– I never used to finish poems but now I always do. Thanks again.

– Thanks for being someone I could read my poetry too without being judged. So thanks to you, I’ve had some fun. I hope we meet again, don’t run to far, hardy harr harr. :p

– Thank U helping me with my poetry you were a great teacher.

– Thanks for taking your time to come teach us about poetry. It was a really good learning experience.

– Thank you for teaching us stuff.

– Thank you for sharing your time with us. It was very nice meeting you and I learned lots of things about poetry.

– Thanks for Everything. I Really appreciated it and I had a really great time.



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