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  • Dawson

Project facilitator

  • Julianna Kozma

In a good way I got my ideas and thoughts down and out of my head.

from a young writer:

Project Media

p1 Why did you have to go by Brooklynn

p5 As by Kyra

p8 Coming back by Booklynn

p13 Crazy Me by Raven

p20 I remember by Raven

p20 Sisterhood Is Gone by Brooklynn

p26 Feeling of a Daughter by Kayla

p27 Kayla's Every Morning by Kayla

p30 Life by Raven

p32 The Real Me Nobody Sees by Booklynn

p33 My grandfather by Raven

p34 My Life by Kayla

p37 Saying Goodby by Kayla

p41 Sisterhood by Iesha

p41 Together by Iesha

p43 When We Were Sisters by Iesha

p46 The real me by Kayla

p47 Why by Kayla

p48 Who I am by Brooklynn

p49-50 My Name is Kayla by Kayla

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