Hand-drawn tree in black on white

Project venue

  • Vanguard School

Project facilitator

  • Julianna Kozma

Project authors

  • Kayla
  • Tyler
  • Marco
  • Ira
  • Matthew
  • Tazion
  • Clara
  • Alexandrine
  • Noah
  • Sean
  • Karen
  • Max
  • Stan
  • Alyssa

Most students presented their work at the presentation. The 3 students who did not present were feeling quite anxious, so instead they presented in front of their classmates. The student’s work progressed as the workshop went along. By the end, the students had new writing skills in terms of different types of poetry styles.

comment from teacher

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Program sponsors

We would also like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors, without whom the Writers in the Community program would not be possible