Project venue

  • Kahnawake Survival School G10

Project facilitator

  • Moe Clark

Project authors

  • Brascoup, Chase
  • Cross, Santana
  • Diabo, Reilly Ann
  • Diabo, Tiakotierénhton
  • Goodleaf, Wenhniseriióstha
  • Johnson, Ethan
  • Kane, Mackenzie - Belle
  • Lazare, Kade
  • McGowan, Jersey
  • McGregor-Diabo, Corinne
  • Phillips, Storm
  • Rice, Karon:tatsi
  • Stacey, Shale
  • Two-Axe, Cole

‘Moe was a good leader. Liked all the music!’

‘It was a lit time.’

‘I liked everything about the workshop because it got us to express our personal life as a Person.’

‘You will love this workshop.’

‘I learned how to do poetry, this experience was awesome.’

‘I liked everything.’

‘Was an awesome experience to write poems!’

‘I loved it better have it Next year.

‘I want Moe to come back next and I learned how to [write] poetry. I learned that everything makes sense.’

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Program sponsors

We would also like to express our gratitude to the following sponsors, without whom the Writers in the Community program would not be possible