Different Perspectives II

Project venue

  • Perspectives II

Project facilitator

  • Larissa Andrusyshyn

Project authors

  • Alejandro
  • Alissa
  • Angel
  • Ayanna
  • Jameela
  • Jason
  • JM
  • Jerome
  • Jimmi
  • Joey B
  • Julian
  • Irene
  • Kevin
  • Louis
  • Marvin
  • Mike
  • Nick

~ I liked that they let me add illustrations for my poems ~ I realize the potential I have ~ I learned I am a better writer than I thought ~ It gave me a better understanding on how writers work ~ It affected me in a good way since i never knew i could write poems the way i did in the workshop. ~ It affected me in a way that i didn’t know i was able to write a sports’s article ~ I changed the entire poem 50 times: I’m never satisfied. ~ It was a great workshop. I enjoyed myself 🙂 ~ I was really happy to be part of it and happy to be surrounded by such great people and teachers. ~ It was amazing. A moment I will remember for the rest of my life ~ It was an amazing experience



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