The Book Of Us – Teenage Poetry

A collage featuring a guitar and fire

Project venue

  • Netagamiou School – Sec I - III

Project facilitator

  • Angela Leuck

Project authors

  • Brooke-Lyne,
  • Melodie,
  • James,
  • Gabrielle,
  • Darien,
  • Savanah,
  • Beth,
  • Owen,
  • Zoe,
  • Arianne,
  • Mallory,
  • Olivier

“Before I wouldn’t have liked for someone to see my work but with the poetry I feel that’s okay.”

“I particularly liked the fact that we would write a lot and there wasn’t very much theory and we would become better by writing every day.”

“I feel like writing this poetry really allowed me to look deep into my soul, and find out what kind of person I truly am”

from young writers

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Program sponsors

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